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Let's go!

We have had an opportunity to travel quite a lot in the past few years. Jim's job has enabled us to go to many interesting places and we try to take one or two vacations each year, one in the U.S. and one abroad.

These are some of the most memorable trips. For each trip, there are thumbnails and full-sized photos as well as brief descriptions of the pictures.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico
June, 2008
Port Aransas, Texas
April, 2008
Taos, New Mexico
January, 2008
Turks and Caicos, BVI
June, 2007
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
May, 2006
Westport, NY
January, 2006
Tuscany, Italy
April, 2005
Elljay, Georgia
December, 2004
Clinton, Arkansas
November, 2004
Port Aransas, Texas
July, 2004
Sea Grove, Florida
June, 2004
New York City
March, 2004
September, 2002
Virgin Gorda, BVI
July-August, 2002
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
December, 2001
Arkansas Ice Storm
December, 2000
Dixon, New Mexico
September, 2000
Paris, France
April, 2000
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
September, 1998
Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
January, 1998
Key West, Florida
August, 1997
New England
January, 1997
St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles
July, 1996
St. Martin, West Indies
April, 1995
West Virginia
October, 1994
San Francisco, California
July, 1994
New York
April, 1994
Grand Cayman Island
August, 1993
Melbourne, Australia
May, 1993
Boulder, Colorado
June, 1993
Niagara Falls
June, 1992
Boston, Massachusetts
March, 1992
Paris, France
December, 1991
Cozumel, Mexico
July, 1991
Snow Bird, Utah
April, 1991
West Texas
March, 1990
Cozumel, Mexico
August, 1989
Reno & Lake Tahoe, Nevada
July, 1986
Paradise Island, Bahamas
June, 1985
Orlando, Florida
November, 1977