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Tune Up!

Jim started playing guitar in high school. To be honest, he did it to get girls originally. In the early seventies, he played lead guitar in a rock band called Phantasm. Nowadays, living in the live music capital of the world (Austin, Texas) he plays mostly for therapy but still enjoys the old southern rock and blues. These are some of the original and cover tunes he has recorded over the past several years.

Under a Banjo Moon (2:31 3.5MB)
The Foggy Mountain Hillbilly Fly Away (2:14 2.56MB)
I'll Fly Away (0:56 1.07MB)
Friendly Fire (5:13 4.9MB)
Jamaican Eyes (3:18 3.1MB)
The Blues Bar on E. 12th (3:27 3.2MB)
Lady Katherine (2:58 2.8MB)
Southern Summer (3:37 3.4MB)
Mind's Eye (3:00 2.75MB)
America (Simon & Garfunkel) (3:41 3.5MB)
Classical Gas (Mason Williams) (3:00 2.8MB)