Key West
Gourmet Vacation 

Sunday August 10

Calabaza squash and spiced rum soup.
Talapia turbans stuffed with shiitake basil mousse.
Steamed pearl rice with fresh dill.
Toasted sour dough.
California Merlot.

Monday August 11

Romaine spears with green onion romano dressing.
Talapia almondine with Key Lime dill sauce.
Homemade angel hair.
Toasted sour dough.
Chilled Gewurztraminer.
Rice pudding.

Tuesday August 12

Marinated Roma tomatoes and basil on half a Florida avocado (the big smooth kind, not the little black wrinkled California kind).
Boiled bug (Florida rock lobster) with drawn butter.
Dilled red potatoes.
Cuba Libre.
Key Lime pie.

Wednesday August 13

Pan fried Yellowtail fillets coated in rolled oats with Dijon mustard sauce.
Marmalade carrots.
Caramelized plantains.
Guinness Stout.
Key Lime pie (in bed).

Thursday August 14

Marinated grilled shrimp on skewers.
Homemade linguini with Portabella cream sauce.
Fume Blanc.
Bananas with hot fudge sauce.

Saturday August 16

Beer boiled Florida white shrimp.
Toasted pumpernickel.
Assorted Saranac beers.